3-hinged Combination Ladder 350


  • The aluminium has been anodised to prevent staining of your hands or clothes.
  • Platform is included, giving you a large practical working platform to stand on.
  • A test load of 350 kg and hinged sections tested over 8000 cycles ensure additional safety.
  • A sturdy stabiliser bar and non-slip rungs give you greater safety when climbing on the ladder.
  • Can be used as a leaning ladder, a standing ladder and a working platform, meaning you get three ladders in one.

This is the ladder world’s equivalent to a Swiss army knife. Several different potential uses are contained in one clever compact format. It is economical on space and easy to transport when folded. Approved for standing on when in platform position, including under the more stringent Swedish requirements of EN131-4.


WKSL FP350-3,6