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    The windows’ waterproof and air infiltration is ensured by properly profiled incisions in cases and staples, where sealings are installed. Tray dashboards are installed in the lower part of the window. The sealings, produced by the German company DEVENTER, installed between the window frame and the stringing part, are made of thermoplastic elastomers (EPDM).


    The sealings are issued the certificate of Resenheim’s Windows Technology Institute and TUV Berlin Brandenburg DIN EN ISO 9001 standard compliance certificate. A high level of tightness and aesthetics. The sealing is dented in the chute, installed in the staple rim, cut or welded by the corners, therefore is not visible when the window is closed. When the window is painted or renovated, the sealing can be easily removed and afterwards it can be reattached. Therefore the broken window can be replaced without damaging the paint layer. The sealing remains solid when the temperature is low, it does not bring any chemical reactions with the used paint. The thermo-dashboard, installed in the window frame, ensures the water leak from the strung parts of the window and effectively protects the wooden elements against moisture.









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