TERMO M 11000 ALUTHERM PLUS window and door system

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    M11000 ALUTHERM PLUS is a three chamber window and door system in the 2.1 group with a 24 mm omega letter shaped thermal insulation. The system is one of a few with a three sealings layer and therefore it complies with the highest acoustic insulation standards – it is ideal for the premises, where absolute silence is required. The windows’ options: with a hidden entry, revolving, reclining.




    M 9300 PERFECT window and door system without a thermal insulation

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    M 9300 PERFECT is a modern aluminium system, intended for production of inside and outside architectonic elements of the installation, which do not require a thermal insulation, for instance, doors, windows, entryways, counter partitions, window-cases and automatically and manually controlled doors. The profile’s structure depth reaches from 45 to 54 mm, depending on the shape. Such a wide range of profiles allows for producing robust large size structures. The tightness of the M 9300 PERFECT system is ensured by using EPDM sealings, made of artificial india-rubber, which prevent the system from wear, which results from long period of operation as well as high elasticity. Another advantage of the system is the possibility to bind the profile, i. e. the case, the entries and thus, obtain different types of arches and arch structures. The system provides the possibility to use 4–30 mm double-glazed units in all the profiles. At present the Construction Technologies Institute carries out researches of the M 9300 PERFECT system approbation. These researches will allow obtaining the technical approbation of the door and window system without the thermal insulation and the certificate for smoke proofness.


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