Low emission glass

    Due to the features of low emission double-glazed units, the inner glass of the window gets warm therefore in case of low outdoor temperature, it is warm inside.

    Housebreaking protective glass

    The glass, protecting from breaking-in, is used in case of special need for protection of life, health or property. The outward glass consists of two glued sheets, between which several layers of protective film are inserted.

    Sound insulating glass

    Acoustic insulation is the features, which attenuate noise. The increased sound insulation damps noise by at least 38 dB.

    Absorbing glass

    Absorbing, i. e. ”Antisol“ glass reduces the solar exposure risk by retaining perfect thermal insulation. ”Antisol“ glass (blue, brown, lead).

    Safety glass

    Ensures safety from injuries in case of breaking, manifests with a greater shock resistance.

    Reflex glass

    Reflex (mirror) glass reduces the solar exposure risk, the mirror effect ensures the residents’ privacy.








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