Unsealing, opening and closing – easily, without using any force

    The most popular way of opening windows in the Middle and Eastern Europe is “unseal – open”. It is also quite frequently used in other countries. The “unsealing – opening” technique gives a possibility to open and close the window entry easily, by using only one handle. This system, which is among the most popular worldwide, is labelled with the Roto NT label.



    The additional benefit of Roto NT to all the windows’ dimensions and shapes

    All the armouring elements in the Roto NT system are installed into the central lock. In the main version the system consists of high quality armours. Convenient servicing and simple integration with electronic and mechanical elements of the additional installation, for instance, alarm signalling, thermostat and ventilation system are ensured. The elegant “silver look” gives a unique appearance to the Roto NT. The convincing installation advantages also contribute to the look. The Roto NT fittings are used in the windows in all different shapes and dimensions.



    Different additional installation options...

    For instance, multi-degree tilt, handle controlled opening protection, opening protection easily tuned with the Roto NT armouring.

    The standard Roto NT version already provides comfort. In addition, other supplementary installation elements, which increase the comfort, are offered.

    Micro-ventilation ensures regular airing, it can be easily installed on the already manufactured window. A special lock is used for balcony doors.

    Due to the multi-degree tilt the window entry can be opened at a selected tilt width and the Roto NT throwback protection smoothly sets the entry’s position in the selected opening position. The self-closing windows are already a thing of the past.

    The Roto NT’s integration with the elements of the Roto E-Tec electronic security system, the control thermostat and ventilation can be performed later, on the already manufactured windows.






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