Plastic Windows


    Thanks to Brügmann’s 46 years tradition in PVC profiles extrusion (pressing by extrusion), the profiles, produced by the company, can be considered among the world’s leading ones. The continuous search for new solutions, while ensuring the impeccable quality every year, resulted in Brügmann’s being synonymous with the highest technical and quality level products both in Germany and throughout the entire Europe.

    5 chamber profile

    73 mm frame width and 84 mm entry width provide for 20–25% more than the standard profiles offered on the Polish market.

    The unique structures and the sealing provide the possibility to isolate approximately 50 per cent more sound (dB).

    Due to the five chambers profile and two chambers sealing the profiles are especially tight and heat preserving.

    Modern and robust – there is a possibility to produce 1600 mm x 1600 mm window with one opening axis.

    Safe – fittings are mounted on the 4 wing wall spots and the frame is fitted directly to the metallic bracers.

    Exceptional quality – produced by using sealings, which increase the tightness and sound isolation, by using the highest quality materials.

    Brügmann Arte windows can be purchased with wood imitation laminate and with three different types of standard laminate on the outward or on both sides (the laminate on the painted side of the window frame, the outward colour is used).

    The PVC windows offer includes two groups of products.

    Universal windows: Brügmann arte – white or colour laminate with standard foils: golden oak, mahogany or walnut.

    Brügmann AD


    5 chamber profiles system

    •  Reveal depth – 73 mm
    •  Outward walls thickness >2.8 mm (class A)
    •  Thermal insulation – chambers, mounted into the profile.

    Various types of glass bands, which can be installed into the Brügmann system, are presented below:


    Brügmann AD Arte

    “Brügmann” system AD with semi-toned ARTE glass unit

    • Depth of reveal: 73 mm.
    • Thickness of external walls: > 2.88 mm (class A).
    • Thermo insulation gaskets: cells built in the profile.

    We introduce various types of lamellas which may be mounted in “Brügmann” systems below:

    Universal windows: Brügmann AD white

    We implement orders in different irregular shapes – polygonal, arches, etc.


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